Uusimmat kuvat

Autumn in Austria

Graylings grow big in the Goiserer Traun

I had the opportunity to make two trips to Austria this autumn (2012). First trip was in October and the second two weeks later in November. At the first trip I visited the home show of Hurch Fly Fishing, which is Vision's distributor in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenija and Switzerland.

After the show I went fishing on Hurch's waters. We had couple of nice days on the Goiserer Traun with big graylings, but the newest addition for Hurch really impressed me which was the Rettenbach. This small river flows in a really nice valley where you can make a good day trip with a backpack and you might just think that you are in New Zealand. The size of the fish isn't quite the same as in down under but the quality is superb and there are some nice sized as well. And there is fish in every pool and there is pool after pool. Most of the time we fished with nymphs NZ style but on some of the pools it seemed that dry flies worked even better in spite of the rain. We were just wading upstream the river the whole day.

One thing I enjoy about fishing in Austria is that you can truly enjoy relaxed fishing there. After the fishing in the morning you can go have a lunch in a nice restaurant near the river and continue fishing until dusk. Afterwards have a good dinner at the gasthaus with weissbier and Austrian wine before a good night sleep. That's a little bit different compared to the fishing up north during the summer and midnight sun. Then there is no lunch, no dinner and oh yes no sleep, just fishing.

On the second trip I was visiting dealers across central Europe but I also managed to squeeze in some fishing again. I had not visited Torrener Ache for almost two years so it was great to visit one of my favorite rivers in Austria. Torrener Ache is a beautiful small river near Salzburg. It's easy to make a half day trip if you are visiting nearby. The nice surprise was that there were bigger graylings there than I've seen in the past. Sight fishing for those was super. And of course I had to make the mandatory trip to Goiserer Traun as well which was as good as usual.

On the last day of the trip we went to Goiserer Traun with Vision World team member Harry Winter and our friends Jurgen Fink and Mike Hassis. It was great to finally do some fishing with Harry. I'd heard so much about his fishing especially with nymphs that it was nice to see him in action. And he didn't disappoint. It wasn't an easy day and everybody who has fished the Goiserer more than once knows that it can be like that. It can be on or it can be off. So on this day we got some action in the morning but in the afternoon it switched off totally. And I happened to spend the morning with the camera instead of a rod. But that's a part of the game and it was still a great day. For me it's more important to learn new things than just catch a lot of fish and that is what it was all about on this day. Thanks to the guys for fishing with me and Peter and Angie for everything.

New Zealand or Austria

Harry shows his nymph tactics with success

Back on the Goiserer with guide Urs Zulian